Ideas & pledges for a post-lockdown lifestyle that is more gentle, green and local.

New era resolutions invites everyone who wishes to use the threat of Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown period(s) as a time to reflect on how we live and think about some of our less sustainable habits.

As we ease in and out of lockdowns, we need to figure out how to move forward from here. There is a lot that needs to be rebuilt, and many of us are facing harder times, with a lot of new rules, greater insecurity and less money to go around.

How can we still find ways to address the issues we are facing on an environmental level?

We can’t afford to solely rely on the vision and ethical compasses of politicians and world leaders as they battle simultaneous crises of health, economy and climate. We can’t count on businesses making much needed, big shifts towards greater sustainability when they might be struggling to stay afloat.

Perhaps the time has come to look at ourselves a little more honest as well; see if we can try harder to become less wasteful & materialistic and more willing to look our own footprint and consumptive patterns. Accept that what we do is directly linked to the state of our planet.

We’ve lived quieter lives in lockdown and often reduced our consumption. For many this has led to a bigger appreciation of the simple joys of life. So, what have we learnt? How have we adapted? If we feel a renewed sense of connection with and gratitude for the natural world that sustains us, this might motivate us to let go of some luxuries and habits we know to be incompatible with a healthy planet. 

This website invites you to share your pledges and resolutions, big and small, in the hope that we can support and inspire each other with the things we choose to do differently.

Together we can be kinder, better people who accept a greater level of responsibility for the bigger picture.

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